Is there any water crisis in Delhi?

Delhi will face water shortage due to a reduction in the release of Yamuna water by Haryana and also due to a depletion in water levels in the Wazirabad Pond. … The crisis is likely to be aggravated as the water level in the Wazirabad Pond has come down from the normal level of 674.5 feet to 667.6 feet.

Is Delhi facing water crisis?

The people of Delhi were facing water scarcity because of delays in monsoon and poor water management, said a press statement issued by the Haryana Public Relations Department attributing it to an official spokesperson. … He said Delhi has a share of 719 cusecs of water at Munak from Yamuna and Ravi Beas waters.

Is water supply affected in Delhi today?

The Delhi Jal Board stated that due to an increase in ammonia pollution in the Yamuna, pumping from Sonia Vihar, Bhagirathi, Wazirabad, Chandrawal, and Okhla water treatment plants have been affected. …

Why water is affected in Delhi today?

Due to an increase in Ammonia pollution in the Yamuna River, the pumping from Sonia Vihar, Bhagirathi, Wazirabad, Chandrawal and Okhla WTPs has been affected, said the Delhi Jal Board in a notification on Saturday.

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Does Delhi have enough water?

NEW DELHI: “Water has gone above the head. Enough is enough… … The court later passed an order directing the central government to ensure that Delhi received its allocated supply of “490 MT positively today by whatever means”.

Who is responsible for water in Delhi?

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is the government agency responsible for supply of potable water to the most of the National Capital Territory region of Delhi, India.

Why is there a water shortage in Delhi?

Shortage of water in Delhi is the result of internal mismanagement; Haryana has no role in it. It is worth mentioning that due to a delayed monsoon, Haryana is facing serious water scarcity but we are still maintaining water supply to Delhi without any reduction,” the spokesperson said.

How can I complain to Delhi Jal Board?

For Water Bills, Water Problems, Sewer Problems and Illegal Boring related complaints, Contact :

  1. 1916 / 1800117118 (Toll Free) also mail to One can also register their complaint through DJB WhatsApp No: 9650291021.
  2. 23538495.
  3. 23634469.
  4. 23513073.
  5. 23527679.
  6. 9650291021 (WhatsApp No.)

What is a water update?

It has come to our attention that some of you have received a post card in the mail similar to the one pictured below. The card says that they tried and failed to contact you, and requests that you call a number on the card. This is a SCAM, do not reply to it.

Who controls Delhi Jalboard?

Satyendar Jain is the Hon’ble chairman of Delhi Jal Board since 17th of February 2020. Shri Satyendar Jain was born in Village Kirthal, District Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. He did his schooling from Ramjas School, No. 2, Delhi and Graduation in Architecture from Indian Institute of Architects.

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How Delhi gets its water?

Delhi receives water from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. The largest share of water comes from Haryana via the Yamuna through three different channels. When there is a fall in the amount of raw water Delhi gets from these three States, it affects the water supply in the national capital.

Is India running out of water?

More than a third of India’s population lives in water-stressed areas and this number is set to grow due to depleting groundwater and rising urbanisation. … India is one of 17 countries facing extremely high water stress, according to a recent report by the World Resources Institute.