Question: How can I apply for drainage connection in Chennai?

How can I get new drainage connection in Chennai?

To apply for a drainage or sewer connection, one has to visit the concerned Executive Engineer’s Office in your area. Before applying, please consult with the concerned authority regarding all the requirements necessary for getting a new drainage connection. In the procured form, fill all the required details.

How do I apply for a drainage connection?

The following documents should be kept ready and submitted along with the duly filled up application form of Drainage Connection.

  1. Editable application form (Adhesive stamp of Rs. …
  2. Copy of Offer cum Allotment letter.
  3. Copy of Approved Building Plans with letter.
  4. Copy of Licence Agreement / Form of Agreement.

What is IDC in Metro Water?

CHENNAI: The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority has revised the Infrastructure Development Charges (IDCs) by `18 per square metre, which would be paid towards the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

How can I change my water connection name in Chennai?

Applicants need to send duly filled forms to area engineer of CMWSSB. Information such as applicant’s name and address, contact details, address of premises for which connection is required, metrowater area, calculation regarding dwelling units and connection charges, etc. is to be provided in the form.

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What is the cost for drainage connection in Chennai?


Particulars Sewer charges
1001 – 5000 Sq. ft Rs.605/- per month
5001 – 50000 Sq. ft Rs.2420/- per month
50001 – 100000 Sq. ft Rs.4840/- per month
100001 – 200000 Sq. ft Rs.8250/- per month

How can I get water tax in Chennai?

Application forms are available free of cost in Depot/Area/Head Office/on website Filled in forms should be submitted at the Registration counter at Head Office on all working days between 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Proof of assessment of property tax with floor wise assessment details.

How can I get metro water connection in Chennai?

Applicant has to remit the Connection Charges, only at the Canara Bank branch located in CMWSS Board Head Office campus. Filled-up Application along with paid ‘c’ challan for the payment of connection charges and necessary enclosures should be registered at the Registration Counter.

What is the full form of Cmwssb?

Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, known shortly as CMWSSB, is a statutory board of Government of Tamil Nadu which provides water supply and sewage treatment to the city of Chennai and areas around it.

How do I book metro water?

Under this scheme, water will be delivered to citizens within two days of booking. The tweet read that citizens can now book water either online through thelink or by calling 044-45674567. However, only 3,000 litres water tankers can be booked through call, said, officials.

How can I get Panchayat water connection?

Procedure for application:

  1. Application in the prescribed format.
  2. Line sketch and estimate indicating the distribution main location of the house, including the tap point. …
  3. Challan remitting the charges and deposits prescribed by the concerned Town Panchayat in the respective.
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What are IDC charges?

These include external development charges (EDC) and infrastructure development charges (IDC). … All those buying houses in any housing project have to bear these charges, usually based on the size of their apartment.

How can I register my mobile number in Chennai Metro Water Online?

Step 1: Visit the Chennai metro water booking page. Step 3: If you don’t have any water tax dues, the consumer registration page will open > Enter your mobile number > Generate OTP > Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile number > Register.