Question: In which century did Delhi first became the capital?

The correct answer is Tomara Rajput. Delhi became the capital of a kingdom for the first time under the Tomara Rajputs. Tomara Rajputs (8th Century – 12th Century): Anangapala was considered to be the founder of this dynasty.

When did Delhi became the first capital?

In December 1911 King George V of Britain decreed that the capital of British India would be moved from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi. Construction began in 1912 at a site about 3 miles (5 km) south of the Delhi city centre, and the new capital was formally dedicated in 1931.

Under which dynasty Delhi became the capital for the first time?

The correct answer is Tomara Rajput. Under the Tomara dynasty, Delhi became the capital for the first time.

How did Delhi became the capital of India?

One third of the city was razed to rubble in 1858 and the East India Company transferred the rule to the British Crown. On 12th December, 1911, at the historic Delhi Durbar, the George V, the Emperor of the British Empire proclaimed the shifting of the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi.

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Who built the city of Delhi in 8th century?

Anangpal Tomar founded Delhi in 1052. A VS 1383 inscription in Delhi Museum confirms the founding of Delhi by the Tomars. He established the Tomar Dynasty of Delhi in the early 8th century and built his capital at the Anangpur village in Haryana.

Why was there no mention of Delhi till 12th century?

There was no mention of Delhi till the beginning of twelfth century. This is because in Delhi The Delhi sultanate was an Islamic Empire that stretched over a large part of the Indian subcontinent for about 320 years only after the 12th century. It accommodated over 25,000 people.

Who was the first Sultan of Delhi?

Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate سلطنت دهلی
• 1206–1210 Qutubuddin Aibak (first)
• 1517–1526 Ibrahim Lodi (last)
Legislature Corps of Forty

When was the capital of India transferred from Kolkata to Delhi?

However, it was 20 years later that King George V, during his visit to India, announced that New Delhi will replace Kolkata (then Calcutta) as national capital. And finally, on February 13, 1931 Lord Irwin inaugurated the new capital – New Delhi. But why!

When did Delhi Become New Delhi?

In 1911, it was announced that the capital of British-held territories in India was to be transferred from Calcutta to Delhi. The name “New Delhi” was given in 1927, and the new capital was inaugurated on 13 February 1931.

When did India change capital to Delhi?

13 February 1931: New Delhi became the capital of India. New Delhi, the capital city, had its foundation stone laid by George V, the then Emperor of India. The event took place in the Delhi Durbar of 1911.

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