Question: What is the name of Indian Garden?

What is the famous garden of India?

The Gardens of Chandigarh

It’s no wonder that Chandigarh is known as The Garden City of India – it hosts a number of famous green spaces.

What is the Indian garden?

Indian Garden has the remnants of ten seasonal structures, likely built by Puebloans to use during summer farming but possibly built by the Cohoninas. The shelters were constructed of stone foundations with wooden poles covered by brush.

Which is the India’s biggest garden?

largest garden in India – Lalbagh Botanical Garden

  • Asia.
  • Karnataka.
  • Bangalore District.
  • Bengaluru.
  • Bengaluru – Places to Visit.
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

Which is best garden in India?

Have You Visited these 10 Famous Gardens in India?

  • Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh, Kashmir: …
  • Hanging Gardens, Mumbai: …
  • Lal Bagh Garden, Bengaluru: …
  • Rock Garden, Chandigarh: …
  • Company Bagan, Kolkata: …
  • Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore: …
  • Chaubatia, Ranikhet: …
  • Tulip Garden, Srinagar:

Which state is called garden of India?

The god’s own country that is Kerala is known as the spice garden of India.

How many gardens are there in India?

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Name of the Garden Name of the location
Sajjan Niwas Garden(Gulab Bagh) Udaipur, Rajasthan
Sarita Udyan Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Shalimar Bagh Srinagar, J & K
Sim’s Park Coonoor, Tamil nadu
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Which place is Garden of India?

Bengaluru is known as the garden city of India. Bengaluru is the capital of the state Karnataka in India.

What is the origin of garden?

Etymology. The etymology of the word gardening refers to enclosure: it is from Middle English gardin, from Anglo-French gardin, jardin, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German gard, gart, an enclosure or compound, as in Stuttgart. … This would be referred to as a yard in American English.

What is the most famous garden in the world?

21 of the World’s Most Magnificent Gardens

  • Keukenhof Gardens – Lisse, Netherlands. …
  • Gardens of Versailles – Versailles, France. …
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – Richmond, United Kingdom. …
  • Powerscourt Gardens – Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland. …
  • The Butchart Gardens – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Which is the beautiful garden?

Located in Lisse, Netherlands, the Keukenhof offers scenic fields of flowers that bloom each spring. Located between Amsterdam and the Hague, Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens.