Question: Who is the richest kid in Bangalore?

1) The richest in the young billionaires list from Bengaluru is Nithin Kamath, founder and CEO of discount brokerage startup Zerodha. He is just 39-year-old and his net worth has been estimated to be ₹6,600 crore.

Who is the richest person of Bangalore?

As of April 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth at $2.6 billion, making him the 61st richest person in India.

Rajesh Mehta
Born 20 June 1964 Bengaluru, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater National College, Bangalore
Known for Founder and chairman, Rajesh Exports

Who is the richest kid under 12?

Blue Ivy Carter – $1 billion

Blue Ivy tops the list of the wealthiest kids in America. There is, for sure no better and easier way to be rich than being born into a wealthy family.

Who is the richest man in Bangalore 2020?

Azim Premji

Azim Hashim Premji is the richest person in karnataka. He was born on 24 July 1945. He is an Indian business magnate, who is the chairman of Wipro Limited, a leading computer products, and software making company in India. He has been directing the functions of the company for 4 decades now.

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Who is the richest baby in India?

Meet Nikhil Kamath, a school dropout at 14, now India’s youngest billionaire at 34. After dropping out of school, Nikhil starting working at a call centre for Rs 8000.

Who is the poorest person on earth?

Among the 689 million people living in extreme poverty on $1.90 or less a day, there is a man called Jerome Kerviel, who is the poorest person in the world. He was born on 11, 1977 in Pont-l’Abbé, Brittany, France.

Who is the richest child actor?

45 Richest Child Stars of All Time

  • Alyssa Milano: $10 Million. …
  • Sean Astin: $10 Million. …
  • Dakota Fanning: $12 Million. …
  • Anna Paquin: $14 Million. …
  • Christina Ricci: $18 Million. …
  • Eliza Dushku: $20 Million. …
  • Elijah Wood: $20 Million. …
  • Judy Garland (Deceased): $20 Million.

Is Ryan rich kid?

Ryan Kaji — Net Worth: $30 Million

The only self-made entrepreneur on the list, Ryan Kaji has earned the top spot on Forbes’ list of richest YouTube stars for several years, thanks to channel Ryan’s World.

Who is Dubai richest kid?

Rashid Belhassa is Dubai’s richest youngster, with a social media following in the millions, and now he has gone and bought a Rolls Royce Ghost and clad it in customed Dior wrapping.

Who is the richest actor?

She and husband Tony Ressler have been part-owners of the NBA Team the Atlanta Hawks since 2015.

  • Shah Rukh Khan ($600million) …
  • George Clooney ($500million) …
  • Robert De Niro ($500million) …
  • Mel Gibson ($425million) …
  • Adam Sandler ($420million) …
  • Amitabh Bachchan ($400million) …
  • Jack Nicholson ($400million)
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Who is No 1 Rich Man India?

Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani retained the title of richest Indian as he added $4 billion to his net worth (which has now reached $92.7 billion) in the year 2021, according to Forbes magazine’s 100 richest Indians list, which was released on Thursday.

Who is Number 1 on Forbes billionaire list?


rank name Net Worth
1 Elon Musk $296.2 B
2 Jeff Bezos $210.7 B
3 Bernard Arnault & family $200.6 B
4 Bill Gates $139.0 B