Question: Why India Cannot take back Aksai Chin Quora?

Why can’t India take back Aksai Chin?

Aksai Chin is difficult to access from Indian side compared to China’s side due to difficult terrain. Thus massive infrastructure needs to be put in place.

Are Indians allowed in Aksai Chin?

1. Aksai Chin. Aksai Chin features on the top of the places you cannot visit. It is a ceasefire line, one that separates the Indian-controlled state of J&K from the Chinese-controlled area.

Is Aksai Chin important to India?

The answer would be, because of its strategic importance. Aksai Chin is situated at high altitude and is closer to Delhi making china a immediate threat to India’s sovereignty. During any skirmishes between India and China, China can forthwith rush its army well into the heart of India in double quick time.

Who has control over Aksai Chin?

So Aksai Chin belonged to Jammu and Kashmir. It became a part of India after Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India via a legal signature in 1947. But it mostly is under Chinese control since 1950s as India was “too busy” to notice a massive highway being built by China through Aksai Chin.

Was Bhutan ever a part of India?

No Bhutan has never been a part of India. Bhutan became a protectorate of British India after signing a treaty in 1910 allowing the British to “guide” its foreign affairs and defense.

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Was Tibet a part of India?

The Government of India, soon after India’s independence in 1947, treated Tibet as a de facto independent country. However, more recently India’s policy on Tibet has been mindful of Chinese sensibilities, and has recognized Tibet as a part of China.

Is Aksai Chin beautiful?

Aksai Chin is primarily a desert area with many salt lakes. The saline Pangong Lake is situated close to this area. The clear blue water and the serene beauty of this place is truly awe inspiring. It seems like another heaven.

Is Gilgit Baltistan part of India?

Gilgit Baltistan is an administrative territory of Pakistan, disputed by India that borders the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, Azad Kashmir to the southwest, Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the northwest, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China to the north, and the Indian administrated region of …

Is Arunachal Pradesh part of China?

A major part of the state is claimed by both the People’s Republic of China and Republic of China as part of the region of South Tibet. During the 1962 Sino-Indian War, most of Arunachal Pradesh was captured and temporarily controlled by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Arunachal Pradesh
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Is there any population in Aksai Chin?

And, this is not limited to the cold desert of Aksai Chin, having a population of less than 10,000 people.