Question: Why Jaipur has higher annual range of temperature than Mumbai?

Jaipur has a higher annual range of temperature because it is located in the interior of the continent and hence experiences the continental type of climate. … On the other hand, Mumbai is located near the coast and experiences the equable type of climate.

Why Delhi has a higher range of temperature than Mumbai?

Delhi is in the interior of India where the moderating influence of the sea is absent. Mumbai on the other hand lies closer to the sea. Hence the annual range of temperature in Delhi is more than the annual range of temperature in Mumbai.

Which city has higher annual range of temperature?

The correct answer is Ulaanbaatar. What is the annual range of temperature? It is the difference between the mean temperature of the hottest month and the mean temperature of the coldest month of the area.

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Why Chennai has lower annual range of temperature than Mumbai?

Mumbai and Chennai have maritime climate as it is along the shoreline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively. … Because both the cities are located near coastal areas, they experience the continental climate. The breeze blows over the sea and land, as a result these cities experience less severe summer and winter.

Why is the range of temperature more at Patna than Mumbai?

Explanation: Patna is warmer than Mumbai because it is north region and there is always extreme climate because it is not surrounded by any ocean or sea.

Why is Kochi warmer than Mumbai?

Kochi is warmer than Mumbai even though both lie on the western coast of India because the former is located close to the Equator and receives direct rays of the Sun throughout the year.

Why is Mumbai wetter than Pune?

This is due to the difference in location. Mumbai is situated on the windward slope of the Western Ghats and so it receives more rainfall whereas Pune lies on the leeward side.

Why temperature of Mumbai is less than Nagpur?

The latter takes a relatively longer time to absorb and release heat. This results in a greater range of temperature between days and nights in summers and winters in the interiors of landmasses. … Therefore, Mumbai located on the west coast has a much less annual range of temperature than Nagpur.

Which city of India maximum annual temperature variation is found?

In New Delhi the diurnal range of temperature is maximum. The mean annual temperature in New Delhi, India is fairly hot at 25.1° Celsius (77.2° Fahrenheit).

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Why is Mumbai warmer than Lucknow in December?

Here’s your answer: Mumbai is located near the sea and hence has moderate type of climate whereas Lucknow is situated far away from the sea and face extreme type of climate. Therefore during winter Mumbai is warmer than Lucknow.

Why do you think Shimla has low temperature when compared to Delhi?

Shimla is quite cooler than Delhi in summer. The difference in the mean sea level is the main reason. We know that as we rise up 600 meters there would be a decrease of 6°C. … Therefore, Shimla is more cooler than Delhi.

Why Mumbai is warmer than Chandigarh in December and January?

Mumbai is hotter than Chandigarh in December since it is arranged close to the seashore and close to the equator. Also Mumbai is close to the coastal locale so the temperature becomes moderate throughout the year. Coastal regions have more direct temperatures than inland zones due to the heat limit of the sea.

Why winter in Delhi is much more harsh than that in Chennai?

Answer: The main reason is that Chennai is a coastal station whereas Delhi is an interior place. Usually coastal stations will have a moderate climate throughout the year as sea surface absorbes heat slowly and also loses the heat slowly(specific heat of water is more) which influences the adjacent land temperature.