Quick Answer: Is Dailyhunt an Indian app?

Dailyhunt is an Indian news and content aggregator app that provides local language content in 14 Indian languages from over 3000+ content providers.

Is Dailyhunt app safe?

This app is not that reliable and not user friendly too. This app is not useful. It is not useful from study and competitive exams prospective. So I am not recommending this app dailyhunt to everyone.

Which is best English news app?

12 Best News Apps For Android 2020 —

App Name Play Store Rating App Downloads
Google News 4.4 More than 1 billion
Microsoft News 4.4 More than 1 million
BBC News 4.5 More than 10 million
Reddit 4.5 More than 10 million

Can we earn money from daily hunt?

However, we do appreciate the hard work you put in to create content, and as a token of appreciation, We calculate an amount based on multiple social media factors (i.e – Likes, Shares, engaged views, Dislikes, user reporting, etc.) In simpler words, DH is an easy road to become a social media influencer.

How do I remove news from Dailyhunt?

Go to your app settings on your mobile, search for Dailyhunt and turn off the option, which says ‘Show notifications’.

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Who is the owner of Dailyhunt app?

Dailyhunt – Company Highlights

Startup Name Dailyhunt
Founder Virendra Gupta
Sector News
Founded 2009
Parent Organization Verse Innovation Pvt Ltd.

Is Dailyhunt a good company?

It is a nice company to work with but no job security.

Which is the best app for Indian news?

Here in this article, we have discussed some of the Best Breaking News apps in India for Android & iPhone, along with their details, ratings, features and a lot more.

  • DailyHunt. …
  • Inshorts. …
  • Way2News. …
  • NewsPoint. …
  • Lokal App. …
  • Opera News. …
  • Hindi News Live TV. …
  • Public Vibe.

Is Times of India app free?

Start with a 7-day free trial and thereon get unlimited access to well-researched and exclusive stories for 1 year as a paid auto-renewing subscription through an In-App Purchase.

How much does hunting pay per day?

Dailyhunt Salary FAQs

How much does Dailyhunt pay per year? The average Dailyhunt salary ranges from approximately ₹17,34,337 per year for a Software Developer to ₹37,46,876 per year for a Product Manager. Dailyhunt employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.9/5 stars.

How do you write on daily hunt?

Write to us

  1. Media Enquiry. media@dailyhunt.com.
  2. Advertising and Agency Enquiry. advertisers@dailyhunt.com.
  3. Publisher Enquiry. partnerwithus@eternoinfotech.com.
  4. Investor Relations Enquiry. investorelations@dailyhunt.com.
  5. For General Enquiries. yourfriends@dailyhunt.com.
  6. Careers Relations Enquiry. careers@dailyhunt.com.