Quick Answer: Which is the most important oilseed of India name the state which is the largest producer of this crop?

Which is the most important oilseed of India name the state which is the largest producer of that oil seed?

At present, India’s largest oilseed producing state is Gujarat, thanks to its position as top groundnut producing state of India. Rajasthan is India’s top Rapeseed & Mustard producing state, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. Almost half (48.12%) of Rapeseed and Mustard is produced by only Rajasthan.

Which is the most important oilseed of India?

Groundnut: Groundnut is the most important oilseed of India and accounts for a little less than half of the major oilseeds produced in the country. Groundnut kernels are rich in proteins and vitamins and have high calorific value.

Which oilseed is largest producer in India?

During financial year 2021, over 36 million metric tons of oilseeds were produced in the south Asian country of India. Soyabean was the highest produced oilseed with nearly 13 million metric tons produced in the country that year.

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Which state is the largest producer of oilseeds in India 2021?

India’s largest oilseed producing state is Gujarat. It mainly produces groundnut.

Which state is largest producer of oilseed?

The state of Madhya Pradesh in India had the highest production of oilseeds in fiscal year 2016.

Characteristic Production of oilseeds in thousand metric tons
Madhya Pradesh 6,244
Rajasthan 5,711
Gujarat 4,102
Maharashtra 2,375

What are major oilseeds produced in India Class 10?

Groundnut, mustard, coconut, sesamum, soyabean, castor seeds, cotton seeds, linseed and sunflower, are the major oilseeds produced in India.

Which are the two most important oilseed crops of India state the crop season and the major areas in which each one of them is grown?

Groundnut and mustard are the edible oilseeds which are grown in India. (i) Groundnut is grown as a kharif crop in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, M.P., Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. (ii) Mustard is grown as a rabi crop mainly in Northern India.

Which oilseed is grown in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan state occupies a prominent place in the oilseeds production of India. The important oilseed crops of the Rajasthan state are groundnut, soyabean, rapeseed & mustard, sesamum and taramira.

Which are the oilseeds produced in India?

The diverse agro-ecological conditions in the country are favourable for growing 9 annual oilseed crops, which include 7 edible oilseeds (groundnut, rapeseed & mustard, soybean, sunflower, sesame, safflower and niger) and two non-edible oilseeds (castor and linseed).

What is the economic importance of oilseeds?

Extraction of edible oil from oil-seeds in mills and ghanis gives employment to people. The oil industry provides employment to more than 10 million people. e. Oil-cake is used as cattle feed and also as fertilizer for crops like cotton tobacco tea sugarcane etc.

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Which oilseed is imported in India?

Major oilseeds imported to India include soyabean at 360,649 (157,049) tonnes, sesameseed at 147,169 (87,538) tonnes and cottonseed at 7,412 (7,868) tonnes. Whereas, groundnut was the largest exported oilseed at 664,442 (489,187) tonnes, followed by sesameseed at 282,210 (312,003) tonnes.

Which state is the largest producer of pulses in India?

When it comes to pulses, India stands out: The country produces a quarter of all pulses in the world and consumes 27 per cent — more than any other. India is also the largest importer of pulses. Madhya Pradesh is a major pulse-producing state in the country; it caters to 32 per cent of the country’s total production.