What are the features of Indian population?

What are the features of India’s population?

7 Striking Features of Indian Demography

  • Population Too Large for Area: …
  • Overwhelming Proportion of Rural Population: …
  • Fast Rate of Population Growth: …
  • Declining Proportion of Women: …
  • High Percentage of Non-workers: …
  • Lop-sided Age Structure: …
  • Ethnic Diversity:

What are the features of population?

Population Characteristics: 5 Important Characteristics of Population

  • Population Size and Density: Total size is generally expressed as the number of individuals in a population. …
  • Population dispersion or spatial distribution: …
  • Age structure: …
  • Natality (birth rate): …
  • Mortality (death rate):

What are the important features of population?

Top 6 Characteristics of Population

  • Population Density: Population density refers to the size of any population in relation to some unit of space. …
  • Natality: Natality refers to the rate of reproduction or birth per unit time. …
  • Mortality: …
  • Population Growth: …
  • Age Distribution: …
  • Population Fluctuations:

What are the major indicators of Indian population?

Population statistics include indicators that measure the population size, sex ratio, density and dependency ratio while vital statistics include indicators such as birth rate, death rate, and natural growth rate, life expectancy at birth, mortality and fertility rates.

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What is the population of India answer?

India 2020 population is estimated at 1,380,004,385 people at mid year according to UN data. India population is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population.

What are the main features of population of Punjab?

The total population growth in this decade was 13.89 percent while in previous decade it was 19.76 percent. The population of Punjab forms 2.29 percent of India in 2011. In 2001, the figure was 2.37 percent. Recently as per Punjab census data, 88.88% houses are owned while 8.77% were rented.

What are the 3 key features of a population?

Three Key Features of Populations

  • Birth Rate (natality) – Death Rate (mortality)
  • How many individuals are born vs. how many die.
  • Birth rate (b) − death rate (d) = rate of natural increase (r)

What are the features of population change?

The main components of population change are births, deaths, and migration. “Natural increase” is defined as the difference between live births and deaths.

What is population describe the Census of India?

Census report

Population Total 1,210,854,977
Literacy Total 74%
Males 82.10%
Females 65.46%
Density of population per km2 382

Which are the three group of Indian population according to their economic status explain main characteristics of each group?

The population of India according to their economic status is divided into three groups, namely; main workers, marginal workers and non-workers. It is observed that in India, the proportion of workers (both main and marginal) is only 39 per cent (2001) leaving a vast majority of 61 per cent as non-workers.

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What is population describe the characteristics of population?

A population is all of one kind of species residing in a particular location. Population size represents the total number of individuals in a habitat. Population density refers to how many individuals reside in a particular area.

What is population describe any four characteristics of population?

The population density in a given habitat during a given period, changes due to four basic processes namely (1) Natality, (2) Mortality, (3) Immigration and (4) Emigration.