What is Sepoy in Indian Army?

A sepoy was the name given to an Indian infantryman employed by the armies of the British East India Company from 1700 to 1857 and later by the British Indian Army from 1858 to 1947. … Later in the British East India Company’s tenure, it was extended to mean even the ablest of native foot-soldiers.

What is Sepoy army?

Sepoy (/ˈsiːpɔɪ/) was originally the designation given to a professional Indian infantryman, usually armed with a musket, in the armies of the Mughal Empire. … The largest of these Indian forces, trained along European lines, was that belonging to the British East India Company.

What is the role of Sepoy in Indian Army?

Sepoys played an important role in helping to maintain law and order in the new British settlements. They were one of the first Indians to arrive in the newly established trading port of Singapore. … Sepoys were Indian soldiers recruited from the native population of India by the European colonial powers.

What is Sepoy rank?

Sepoy The lowest enlisted rank in the Indian infantry with its equivalent being a private in the British Army. Though the majority of Indian infantry regiments used the rank of sepoy, the Gurkha Rifles, 104th Wellesley’s Rifles, and others used rifleman.

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What Sepoy means?

Definition of sepoy

: a native of India employed as a soldier by a European power.

What is the salary of Sepoy?

7th Pay Commission Pay Scales for Personnel Below Officers Rank of Armed Forces

Post Pay Band Grade Pay
Sepoy 5200 – 20,200 2000
Naik 5200 – 20,200 2400
Havaldar 5200 – 20,200 2800
Naib Subedar 9300 – 34,800 4200

What is the salary of Sepoy in Indian Army?

Indian Army Rank-wise Salary: After 7th Pay Commission

Rank / Pay Level Salary (After 7th Pay Commission)
Indian Army Havaldar Salary (level 5) INR 34,800
Indian Army Naik Salary (level 4) INR 20,200
Indian Army Lance Naik Salary (level 3) INR 20,200
Indian Army Sepoy Salary (level 3) INR 20,200

How can a Sepoy become an officer?

Getting into the Ranks of the Officers

  1. Clear the exam conducted by Military Training Directorate/ put in at least 2 years of service for ACC entry.
  2. Pass the SSB and Medical Board screening.
  3. Complete their B.A. from Army Cadet College.
  4. Receive one year of military training.

Who is a Sepoy Class 8?

The Indian soldiers of British army were known as Sepoys.

What is the synonym of Sepoy?

Part of speech:

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What is Subedar post?

Subedar is a rank of junior commissioned officer in the Indian Army; a senior non-commissioned officer in the Pakistan Army, and formerly a Viceroy’s commissioned officer in the British Indian Army.

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How many colonels are there in Indian Army?

A recent, credible, approximate breakdown (available on Quora) of the strength of officers is 60 Lieutenant Generals, 270 Major Generals, 850 Brigadiers, 4,500 Colonels, and 41,000 Lieutenant Colonels and lower, for an army cadre of 46,681 officers in all in a 1.3 million strong army.

What is lowest post in army?

The Sepoy is the lowest rank in the Indian Army.