What is the highest temperature in Bangalore in summer?

Most tourists visit Bangalore in winter months, between September and March when the temperature is 28 to 32 degrees Celsius (82 to 90° Fahrenheit). In summers from March to May you can see maximum temperature rise up to 38 degrees Celsius (100° Fahrenheit).

How hot does Bangalore get in summer?

It is still fairly hot. The average high temperature reaches 28.1°C and afternoons can get very hot. The overnight temperatures with an average low temperature of 19.1°C are generally warm. The mean daily temperature range in July in Bangalore is 8.4°C.

What is the hottest temperature in Bangalore?

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the city recorded a maximum temperature of 37.2ºC, which was a deviation of three degrees from normal.

How hot does Bangalore get?

The average day temperature in the city during the summer season settles at a comfortable 33°C. April and May with an average monthly temperature of 34°C and 33°C, respectively are the hottest summer months for the city.

Why is it so hot in Bangalore 2020?

So what’s making Bangalore hot? The scorching heat is due to low wind pressure and absence of moisture in the air, which is a phenomenon generally experienced in the dry summer months, Puttanna said. But there is some respite. “When it is hot and the summer is scorching, the monsoons are normally good.

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Is Bangalore hot in summer?

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is also known for its pleasant weather all year round. … Summer in Bangalore lasts from April to June, with April being the hottest month. The temperature can soar as high as 33 degrees Celsius in April but rarely exceeds it.

Why is Bangalore so cool?

India has two monsoon branches – Arabian Sea branch and Bay of Bengal branch. … The altitude: Or ‘elevation’ as the experts put it, the city stands at a height of about 900mts or 3000ft from sea level. Higher the altitude, the colder it tends to get. This is a contributing factor to the general pleasantness of the city.

Which is the hottest month in Bangalore?

The hottest month of the year in Bengaluru is April, with an average high of 92°F and low of 72°F. The cool season lasts for 3.3 months, from September 29 to January 6, with an average daily high temperature below 82°F.

Which is the highest building in Bangalore?

Tallest buildings

Rank Name Height
1 Mantri Pinnacle 153 metres (502 ft)
2 SNN Clermont 1 135 metres (443 ft)
3 SNN Clermont 2 135 metres (443 ft)
4 SNN Clermont 3 135 metres (443 ft)

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Bangalore?

IMD officials said this was the lowest this year for Bengaluru, because in January, the lowest of 15.4 degrees Celsius was recorded on 26th. This is, however, not the coldest ever, as on February 6, 1884, the City had recorded 9.4 degrees Celsius.

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Is AC required in Bangalore?

there is no need for an AC in Bangalore. A ceiling Fan would be sufficient. Weather will be a bit hot in March and April. From May onwards in the afternoon/evening you will get rains and weather will cool down.

Is Bangalore expensive than Mumbai?

A Mumbai vs Bangalore cost of the living comparison indicates that Mumbai is approximately 16-20% more expensive than Bangalore.

Does Bangalore have snow?

Now, you don’t need to go to the Himalayan range or the Swiss Alps to experience the numbing cold during a snowfall. You can instead visit Snow City, a snow theme park that has just opened in the heart of Bangalore near TV Tower in JC Nagar. The park offers a slew of recreational activities.