What race is India westbrooks?

Is Indialove black?

“I’m using my platform on this television show to tell my story so I can be looked at in a positive light,” admits the African-American, Spanish, Creole and Indian beauty, whose rise to social media dominance started when she was posting selfies of herself on Tumblr.

What nationality is Indialove?

India Westbrooks is an American television personality, internet personality, and model. She was born as India love Westbrooks on February 3, 1996 in California. She is best known for her Instagram and vine account under the username India love.

What is India love net worth?

India Love net worth: India Love is an American television personality, model, and internet personality who has a net worth of $1 million. India Love was born in California in February 1996. She is best known for starring on the reality television series The Westbrooks.

What are The Westbrooks famous for?

India Westbrooks is a young American internet personality and a reality TV star. She is best known for her appearance in the reality TV series ‘The Westbrooks’ that revolves around India and her sisters Brooke, Morgan, Bree, and Crystal.

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Where do the Westbrooks live?

Westbrook live in the Oklahoma City area — in the suburban city of Edmond, to be specific.

Is India Royale from Chicago?

India Royale American social media influencer who was born on March 9, 1995, in Chicago IL, United States.

Is India love related to Russell Westbrook?

Is India love Russell Westbrook’s sister? Bree Westbrooks is known not just as India Love older sister, but also a plus size model. India’s sister spends a lot of time with her son, and combines it with acting in reality TV series “The Westbrooks ” alongside her 4 sisters.

What does India love do for a living?

India Love is a gorgeous TV star whose fame can be traced back to a Tumblr account she created in 2011. She is now a renowned model, artist, and reality TV star.

Why did India love and the game break up?

They started fighting a lot and decided to end things. A source claims that while India and Cliff were together, she was still in contact with Game, whom she use to date. Through her whole relationship with Cliff she was still trying to get back with The Game.

How does India love make her money?

The internet sensation earned $1 million only 24 hours after joining. Making moves! Reality TV star India Love officially teamed up with Unruly Agency to launch her OnlyFans account. In less than 24 hours after her platform on the site, The Westbrooks alum, 25, started raking in a whole lot of money.

How many kids does India love have?

India Love Westbrooks Full Biography

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Biography / Wiki
Boyfriend 1. The Game. 2. Ron Robinson. 3. Soulja Boy. 4. Brandon Wimberly.
Husband/Spouse Name None.
Son None.
Daughter None.

How many tattoos does India love have?

She approximately twenty-five tattoos in various parts of her body, some of them being on her wrist, knuckles, lower back, hip, elbow, butt, and on other body parts. Taking a look at her Instagram photos, you will clearly see these tattoos.