What turned into industrial museum and gifted to Indian government?

What was turned into industrial museum and gifted to the Indian government *?

It houses various scientific experiments and engines, and was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on 14 July 1962.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum.

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
Location in the Map of Bangalore
Established 14 July 1962
Location Kasturba road, Bangalore, India

Which government department takes care of this museum?


The Department of Museums has superintendence over the Government Museum, Chennai and 20 District Museums. The Government Museum, Chennai is one of the largest and Page 4 4 oldest of the State Museums in India.

Who built Government Museum?

The new museum (the current structure) was planned and built in 1877 by Col. Richard Hieram Sankey, the Chief Engineer of Mysore State at that time. The museum was popularly known as the tamasha house (entertainment house).

Who built Egmore museum?

Founded by Scottish surgeon Edward Balfour, an ardent Orientalist, who pioneered forest conservation and public health in India, the complex saw buildings being constantly raised till the early 19th Century.

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What is the other name of Chennai?

Chennai was previously called Madras. Madras was the shortened name of the fishing village Madraspatnam, where the British East India Company built a fort and factory (trading post) in 1639–40. Tamil Nadu officially changed the name of the city to Chennai in 1996.

What is there in Chennai museum?

The objects displayed in the museum cover a variety of artifacts and objects covering diverse fields including archeology, numismatics, zoology, natural history, sculptures, palm-leaf manuscripts, and Amravati paintings.

Which ministry of the government of India looks after the museums?

National Museum, New Delhi

National Museum is a Subordinate Office of the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. Set up in 1949, the Museum possesses more than 2 lakhs artifacts.

Who controls museums in India?

National-level museums in India come directly under the administrative control of Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Which organization look into development of museums in India?

One of the important mandates of the Ministry of Culture is the development and upgradation of the Museums within the country.

Which is the largest museum in India?

History Of The Museum

Founded in 1814 at the cradle of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (at the present building of the Asiatic Society, 1 Park Street, Kolkata), Indian Museum is the earliest and the largest multipurpose Museum not only in the Indian subcontinent but also in the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

How many museums are in India?

India’s history and culture are mindbogglingly rich and diverse, but many of its 800-odd museums (pdf) tend to follow a standard template: a tiny percentage of works on display, often with little or no context provided for visitors to really appreciate them.

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When was government museum Egmore built?

Established in 1851, Government Museum of Chennai is popular as the Madras Museum. Factually being the second oldest museum of India (after Kolkata’s Indian Museum), this museum is a treasure in itself!