What was China’s role in Indian Ocean trade?

Opening trade routes and establishing trade through the exchange of tribute and gifts was a major goal of the voyage. Since Zheng He was a Muslim, he would be able to establish good relations with Muslim trading communities as well as with Chinese traders in the ports the ships visited.

Did the Chinese dominate Indian Ocean trade?

It was a very large market with a network of Asian traders operating between East Africa and India, and from Eastern India to Indonesia. … East of the straits of Malacca, trade was dominated by China.

What does China want in the Indian Ocean?

These objectives are: 1) conduct non-combat activities focused on protecting Chinese citizens and investments, and bolstering China’s soft power influence; 2) undertake counterterrorism activities, unilaterally or with partners, against organizations that threaten China; 3) collect intelligence in support of …

Why did China stop trading in the Indian Ocean?

Ming Reasoning

His son, the Hongxi Emperor, was much more conservative and Confucianist in his thought, so he ordered the voyages stopped. … The treasure fleet voyages cost Ming China enormous amounts of money; since they were not trade excursions, the government recovered little of the cost.

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What helped the Indian Ocean trade?

Long before Europeans “discovered” the Indian Ocean, traders from Arabia, Gujarat, and other coastal areas used triangle-sailed dhows to harness the seasonal monsoon winds. Domestication of the camel helped bring coastal trade goods such as silk, porcelain, spices, incense, and ivory to inland empires, as well.

When were the Chinese involved in maritime trade in the Indian Ocean quizlet?

China contributed to the growth of trade in the Indian Ocean between 500 and 1500 c.e. in all EXCEPT which of the following ways? a. The Chinese state under the Tang and Song dynasties actively encouraged maritime trade.

What were the two major goods exported from China for foreign trade during the Song Dynasty?

“Tea and cotton emerged as major exports, and a newly developed rice strain, along with advanced agricultural techniques, enhanced the yield from China’s farming lands. China also sold a variety of manufactured goods, including books and porcelain, while steel production and mining grew dramatically.

Does China control Indian Ocean?

As a sovereign state with substantial interests in the Indian Ocean region, China has a right and lawful interest in developing some sort of Indian Ocean fleet/naval presence. Just as the Americans protect their interests in the region, Beijing is concerned with its ability to protect its expanding interests.

What is China’s two ocean strategy?

China’s “two-ocean” strategy—referring to the Pacific and Indian oceans—is aimed at redistributing the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region in its favor by expanding its naval operations from the South China Sea and Western Pacific into the Indian Ocean, where it seeks to conduct “far seas operations”.

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Does China have access to Indian Ocean?

HONG KONG: Today it is legally indisputable that the high seas belong to all. This means China’s navy has as much right to ply the Indian Ocean as any other nation, even though it might make countries like India feel a creeping sense of dread.

What did Zheng He trade?

An admiral in the Imperial Chinese navy, Zheng He made seven voyages to Southeast Asia, India, and Africa to explore and trade. … He carried a cargo of silk, porcelain, and lacquer ware that the Chinese wanted to trade for pearls, spices, ivory, and timber.

What country provides China access to the Indian Ocean?

China has been building infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka and Myanmar — countries that provide access to the Indian Ocean, the vital sea lanes that ferry Beijing’s oil imports and carry its exports to the Africa, Middle East and Europe.

How did Zheng He affect trade?

Zheng He’s voyages to western oceans expanded China’s political influence in the world. He was able to expand new, friendly ties with other nations, while developing relations between the east-west trade opportunities.