Which country is India’s Neighbours the smallest requirement to answer single choice?

Bhutan is the smallest neighbouring country of India.

What is the smallest border of India?

Which country have the shortest boundary with India? Ans. Afghanistan have the shortest boundary with India.

Which country among the India’s Neighbours is the smallest Mcq?

Bhutan is the smallest neighbouring country of India on land with 38,394 km area.

What are Neighbouring countries of India?

India shares borders with several sovereign countries; it shares land borders with China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Bangladesh and Pakistan share both land borders as well as maritime borders, while Sri Lanka shares only a maritime border.

Which is the smallest country of the India?

The smallest state in India is Goa with an area of 342,239 sq km. This state is not only the smallest one in size but also has the fourth smallest population in the country.

Which two island countries are India’s Neighbours?


Across the sea to the south, lie our island neighbours— Sri Lanka and Maldives. Sri Lanka is separated from India by the Palk Strait.

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Which country among India’s Neighbours has the highest per capita income?

Bangladesh surpasses India on per capita income.

Who are India’s Neighbours in the North West?

In the North West of the country, there are two neighbouring countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The country shares its border with the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Which of the following straits separate India from Sri Lanka?

Palk Strait, inlet of the Bay of Bengal between southeastern India and northern Sri Lanka.

Which country has the most Neighbours?

Which country in the world shares its border with the most countries? Technically, we have a tie because both China and Russia have the most neighboring countries with 14 neighbors each. This should not be surprising as Russia and China are the largest political nations in the world.

What do you know about India and its Neighbours?

India is the second largest populated country. There are several countries with which India shares its borders. China, Nepal, Bhutan in the North, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the north west, Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east. India shares its water borders Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia.

Which Neighbouring country of India is landlocked?

Nepal, Bhutan and their neighbours: Two Himalayan countries landlocked between India and China. Nepal and Bhutan are two poor landlocked Himalayan countries, sandwiched between a democracy and an authoritarian one-party state: India and China.