Who formulated plans in India?

Planning Commission, agency of the government of India established in 1950 to oversee the country’s economic and social development, chiefly through the formulation of five-year plans.

Who is called the father of Indian planning?

Father of Indian Economic Planning is Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah. Sir M Visvesvaraya, popularly known as Sir MV, was an engineer, statesman, and a scholar.

Who formulated five-year plans in India?

Five-Year Plans were a formal model of planning adopted by the Indian government after Independence, for an effective and balanced utilisation of resources. They were formulated by the Planning Commission of India, which was established on 15 March 1950.

Who formulated people plan?

People’s plan was drafted by MN Roy. This plan was for ten years period and gave greatest priority to Agriculture. Nationalization of all agriculture and production was the main feature of this plan. This plan was based on Marxist socialism and drafted by M N Roy on behalf of the Indian federation of Lahore.

Who first made economic planning for India?

The first Indian prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, presented the First Five-Year Plan to the Parliament of India and needed urgent attention. The First Five-year Plan was launched in 1951 which mainly focused in the development of the primary sector.

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Who introduced Planning Commission in India?

After India achieved independence, a formal model of planning was adopted, and accordingly the Planning Commission, reporting directly to the Prime Minister of India, was established on 15 March 1950, with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as the Chairman.

Which model is adopted by India for the development?

Which model of development was adopted by India? Answer: Two models of development are the capitalist and socialist models of development, India adopted the elements from both these models together to be known as “Mixed Economy”.

Who was the architect of India’s second five-year plan?

Mahalanobis, who was known as India’s ‘Plan Man’, was the architect of the Second Five-Year Plan.

Who formulated the Gandhian plan?

In 1944, ‘Gandhian Plan’ was given by Shriman Narayan Agarwal. It emphasised decentralisation, agricultural development, cottage industries etc.

Who formulated the Gandhian plan and when?


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Who prepared the blueprint of Indian plans?

It is rather surprising that blueprints for India’s planning first came from an engineer-administrator, M. Visvervaraya. He is regarded as the pioneer in talking about planning in India as a mere economic exercise. His book ‘Planned Economy for India’ published in 1934 proposed a ten-year plan.