You asked: How can I get Wonderla tickets in Bangalore?

How much is the ticket in Wonderla?

Adult (Regular): INR 1015 + 18% GST. Senior Citizen (above 60 years): INR 760 + 18% GST. Senior Citizen (above 70 years): INR 510 + 18% GST. Child (Regular): INR 790 + 18% GST.

Can we wear jeans in Wonderla?

Proper clothes must be worn all the times while visiting the park. … Dress like Sarees, churidars/salwars, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, burkhas/pardas, school uniforms, denims (jeans and three-fourth jeans), cargos and indecent attires are not permitted in the water park and certain high thrill rides.

Is phone allowed in Wonderla?

over a year ago. You can carry it, but don’t keep it with you while going on the rides, either give it to a friend who’s not going on the ride or keep it in the lockers. Phones will fall off from your pocket it you carry it on the ride. You can keep it in the locker which costs 270 out of which 100 is refundable.

Is camera allowed in Wonderla?

Hi Tharun, we don’t rent cameras at the park. If you are not carrying a camera, we offer images on the rides through our photo shop in the park. You can buy your pictures on the rides at prices starting from Rs. 100/-.

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Is food free in Wonderla?

No , Foods are not included in Rides Ticket. But you can buy the rechargeable wearable for your other expenses inside the parks at ticket counter for easy usage while using of water rides and dry rides.In this way we can avoid carrying money in our pocket/with us.

When did Wonderla open in Bangalore?

Child Policy:

Any child above 85 cm in height will be charged Park entry tickets. Child offer is applicable for children between 5 to 11 years of age, and children above 12 years will be considered an adult. No separate bed is to be provided for children under the age of 12.

Is shoes allowed in Wonderla?

It is better you keep your footwear too in the locker as taking them into the water rides is as such not allowed. 🙂 Hope this was useful.

Can we wear slippers in Wonderla?

You will only need to wear the swimming trunk and hawaii chappals for the wet rides. Hawaii slippers are necessary because the floor can get too hot to walk on if you are in barefoot. Before entering a wet ride, you will need to take off your hawaii chappals.

Is hijab allowed in Wonderla?

cotton-wear is not allowed in the park which was not clear in their website. high thrill rides are good but, there isn’t many pools.