You asked: Is there a forest in India?

India is home to a diverse range of forests—moist and dry tropical forests, temperate and subtropical montane forests, alpine forests and scrub forests. It is one of the 17 “megadiverse” countries and is home to 8% of the world’s known flora and fauna.

How many forests are in India?

According to the 2019 report, the total forest cover of the country is 712,249 square kilometres (21.67 percent of India’s total geographical area) slightly up from 708,273 sq. km (21.54 percent) in 2017. The tree cover of the country is 95,027 sq. km (2.89 percent of the total area) again slightly up from 93,815 sq.

Which is the largest forest in India?

Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

The Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is the third-largest national park in the world. Spanning over an area of 1985, with 177 in the buffer zone and 1808 in the core area, the Namdapha National Park forms the greatest forest region of India.

Where are forests in India?

List of forests in India

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Name Location Area
Jim Corbett National Park Nainital district and Pauri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand 520.8 km²
Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 650 km²
Keibul Lamjao National Park Bishnupur district, Manipur 40 km²
Kukrail Reserve Forest Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Which country has no tree?

There are no trees

There are four countries with no forest whatsoever, according to the World Bank’s definition: San Marino, Qatar, Greenland and Oman.

Are there jungles in India?

There are many jungles in India and it’s a great place to take a safari. You could see leopards, tigers, elephants, sloths, monkeys, hundreds of species of birds, and more. Some popular jungle destinations are National Parks like Pench, Nagarhole, Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, Sundarban, and more.

Which is the biggest forest in world?

#1 Amazon. The undisputed number 1 is probably the most famous forest on earth, the South American Amazon. The forest of all forests, with its fabulous 5,500,000 km2 , not only has the largest area, but is also home to one in ten species existing on earth.

Which is the richest forest in India?

In terms of percentage of forest cover Mizoram (85.41 percent) is the most forest rich state. In Lakshadweep, around 90.33% of forest can be found.

Distribution of forest by States/Union Territories.

State Area (in square kilometres)
Madhya Pradesh 77,482
Arunachal Pradesh 66,688
Chhattisgarh 55,611
Odisha 51,619

Which is the oldest forest in India?

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. One of the oldest forest reserves in the country, Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park and named after Edward James Corbett, a British hunter, naturalist and a writer.

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Which tree is king of the forest?

The Banyan, Ficus benghalensis

The mighty banyan is the national tree of India and has been called the king of the forest for centuries throughout Southeast Asia.

Which state in India has no forest?

In 2017, Haryana had the lowest forest cover with respect to total geographical area in India at 6.79 percent. Trailing closely behind was the state of Punjab with 6.87 percent tree cover.

Where is the oldest forest?

Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest forest in an abandoned quarry near Cairo, New York. The 385-million-year-old rocks contain the fossilized woody roots of dozens of ancient trees. The find marks a turning point in Earth’s history.

How many forests are there in India in 2020?

The total forest cover in India (2021) is 7,12,249 square kilometers which is 21.67% of the total geographical area.