Your question: Which is the largest sugar factory in India?

Nizam Sugar Factory also known as Nizam Deccan Sugars Limited (NDSL) is a sugar factory situated in Bodhan town of Nizamabad district, Telangana, India. The factory is located 25 kilometers from district headquarters, Nizamabad and is known for being the largest sugar factory in Asia.

Which is the largest sugar mill in India?

Khatauli’s Triveni Sugar Mill is the largest in Asia in terms of scale of production and storage capacity. The mill has been operational since 1933. Khatauli is a large, rural town and offers some tourist attractions.

Where is the largest sugar factory in India?

Note: The largest number of sugar mills in India is the state of Maharashtra which has 195 mills. Uttar Pradesh ranks second when it comes to sugar mills with 155 mills even though it has the largest cane area in India 50 percent.

What is the biggest sugar factory?

The UAE’s Al Khaleej Sugar Refinery is the world’s largest port-based sugar refinery.

Which is the first sugar factory in India?

In 1945 Late Padmashree Vithalrao Vikhe Patil pioneered the first successful Co-operative Sugar Factory in the country at Pravaranagar in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra which was commissioned in 1951.

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Which is the second largest sugar mill in India?

Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd

Balrampur is the second-largest sugar manufacturing company in India with a cumulative crushing capacity of 76,500 tonnes of cane per day.

Which is the best sugar factory in India?

Top 10 Sugar Companies in India

  • Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.
  • Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.
  • Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.
  • E.I.D Parry India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mawana Sugars Ltd.
  • Rana Sugars Ltd.
  • Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd.
  • Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.

Which sugar share is best?

ICICIDirect has a Buy on these sugar stocks, with upto 50% upside seen: Balrampur Chini (target price of ₹515 per share), Dalmia Bharat Sugar (target price ₹650), Triveni Engineering ( ₹270 target price), Dwarikesh sugar (target price ₹110), Dhampur Sugar (target price ₹500), Avadh Sugar (target price ₹685).

Who produced sugar?

In the 2019–2020 crop year, global sugar production was approximately 166.18 million metric tons, with 182 million metric tons expected for 2020–2021. The largest sugar-producing countries in 2019–2020 were Brazil, India, the EU, China, and Thailand.

Who is Big Sugar?

Big Sugar is a band formed in Toronto in 1988 by Gordie Johnson, who serves as the band’s lead singer, lead guitarist and main songwriter.

What are the 4 types of sugar?

The most commonly available and used of these sugars are glucose, fructose, sucrose and lactose. Each of them has a very different role to play and contributions to make to your health. Here’s what you should know about these common types of sugar.

How many sugar factory are in Belgaum?

At present the district has 20 sugar factories out of which 7 are on co-operative basis and 13 are private managed sugar factories. Interstingly all the 18 new sugar factories, applied for the licence are private managed fcctories.

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Which country is the largest producer of sugar?

Global sugar production by leading country 2020/2021

For the time considered, Brazil was the largest sugar-producing country in the world, yielding approximately 42 million metric tons of sugar. The global sugar production amounted to roughly 179 million metric tons that period.